About Dr. Sheth 

I decided a career in medicine when I was just eight years old. Then I decided to become a neurosurgeon after a course in neuroanatomy that left me intrigued about the workings of the nervous system. There is nothing more fascinating than operating on the human brain. The field of neurosurgery is very challenging intellectually and demanding emotionally. The work can be intense, from diagnosis to surgical treatment. Neurological ailments can affect all aspects of a patient’s life. It affords me the opportunity to offer definitive treatment options allowing patients to get their lives back.

Neurosurgery is an intense field, but ultimately it is very rewarding. Patients come to me is because of my years of experience, my conservative treatment philosophy, precise diagnosis, my surgical skills and excellent surgical outcomes. I pride in my ability to connect with my patients and their families. I appreciate their trust in me.

My patients find me likeable, down to earth and someone they can connect with. I approach every patient with care and compassion. I spend time with my patients to make sure they understand their medical issue and help them make the best treatment choices to optimize their outcomes.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family. We love exploring nature and traveling.

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