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“Neurosurgery is an intense field, but ultimately it is very rewarding.” –  Rishi Sheth, MD

“My philosophy is care and compassion towards my patients. My treatment philosophy is accurate diagnosis, maximize conservative treatment options, and my surgical approach is a minimalist one in resolving patients’ symptoms.”

– Rishi Sheth, MD

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Neurosurgeons are experts in the diagnosis, management, and surgical treatment of the nervous system, which includes brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and its supporting bones – both the skull and the spine. Rishi Sheth, MD has built a trusted reputation in the community through over two decades working in the medical field. Patients come to him for his precise diagnosis, conservative treatment philosophy, proven surgical skills, and history of excellent surgical outcomes.


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What They Say

About Rishi Sheth, MD

Neurological ailments can significantly impact all aspects of a patient’s life. For Rishi Sheth, MD, all the intense work pays off when he gets the opportunity to offer definitive treatment options allowing patients to get their life back.

Both Dr. Sheth and his staff have treated me with the utmost care and courtesy. He encouraged me to ask questions and took time to explain thing to me.


He was amazing, squeezed me in as an emergency appointment. I crawled into his office and when I saw him, he admitted me for emergency surgery in the am. I now am pain free and can walk! I highly recommend Dr. Sheth.


I had two surgeries with Dr. Sheth, both 6.5 to 7 hours long on my lower and upper back. During the surgeries Dr. Sheth came out to the waiting room and spoke with my wife, explaining how the surgery was going, approximate time until finished and reassured her all was going well. He has an extremely calm and professional demeanor and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone needing a neurosurgeon. A true professional, a caring doctor, an excellent neurosurgeon in every way.